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Taxation for Business

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Our upcoming session is entitled “Taxation for Business",  a practical guide on all you need to know about taxation related to businesses.


Please note that this session is in Arabic.


Session Outline:

Understand the taxation system from the right expert, learn ask and inquire about income tax & VAT. A practical guide on all you need to know about taxation related to businesses and an essential component to better manage your financials

Value Added Tax (VAT): Concept and Principles: What is the VAT? How is Applied? what are the differences between VAT and sales tax? What are the products that are exempted from or subject to taxation? What is not included within the VAT? What are the duties and rights of the company subject to VAT?

Income Tax in Lebanon: Characteristics and Principles: What are the types of Income taxes in Lebanon? Who is exempted from or subject to income tax? What are the sort of incomes subject to income taxation? How to calculate and pay the income tax? What are the duties and rights of the indivuduals subject to income tax living in lebanon or abroad?

Tax Procedure Law: Overview of tax procedure Law 44, issued in january 2009 including notification, right and duties, objections, and the delays.

Tax Updates: What are the latest news and updates with regards to the taxation laws including the 2017, 2018 & 2019 budget laws


Speaker Biography

Dr.Manal Abdel Samad Najd –Tax Sr. Executive / Advisor

  • VAT Directorate-VAT Audit and Tax Refund Department-Acting Head of Department (September 2018 to date)
  • VAT Directorate -Tax Legislation and Tax Policies Division -Head of Division (Jul 2013 to date)
  • VAT Directorate-Taxpayers’ Services Division -Head of Division (Jan 2005 -Jul 2013)
  • VAT Directorate -Financial and Administrative Coordination Division -Head of Division (Mar 2002 -Dec 2004)
  • Revenues Directorate -VAT Implementation Project Team -Pioneer member of the team of VAT introduction in Lebanon (2000 -2002)
  • Revenues Directorate, Inheritance Tax Bureau -Senior Auditor (1997 -2001)
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