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BLC Bank takes women to new heights

18.January.2017 N/A tags: Joyce Azzam , SheKtirMhem

BLC Bank takes women to new heights by supporting the first Lebanese female mountaineer on her quest to complete the Explorers Grand Slam

Beirut, January 26, 2017 - BLC Bank is pleased to support Joyce Azzam’s trip to Argentina as part of her attempt to complete the Explorers Grand Slam by reaching the top of Mount Aconcagua, South America’s highest summit and the highest mountain outside the Himalayas, peaking at 6962 meters.


The Explorers Grand Slam is an adventurer’s challenge to reach the North Pole and South Pole as well as the highest summits of all seven continents. Over the years, this feat has been achieved by only 51 climbers – among whom 12 female mountaineers.


This strategic partnership goes under the umbrella of the We Initiative, BLC Bank’s now world renowned program aiming at empowering women and helping them reach their full potential. It is worth noting that Joyce intends to be accompanied on each of her climbs by a female mountaineer of Lebanese origins who resides in the country where the summit is located.


In this context, Deputy Chairman and General Manager of BLC Bank Mr. Nadim Kassar explains: “Joyce promotes the pursuit of one’s dreams while breaking barriers, inviting daring women to join her in her quest. We are proud to endorse this mountaineer since she is the mere embodiment of the WE Initiative itself: bold, determined, empowering, breaking barriers and driving change.”


BLC Bank is pleased to be part of this opportunity to raise the Lebanese flag on South America’s highest peak and hopes you will all join in offering Joyce the full support and wishing her a successful journey. Joyce left Lebanon on January 24 and her journey should last a month, during which all Lebanese, aficionados and amateurs alike will be able to follow her progress on the dedicated social media platforms.


#SheKtirMhem            #Yes_She_Can


About Joyce Azzam:

Joyce is a Conservation Architect with an MA in Conservation of Historic Cities and Buildings. She is currently a PhD Candidate in Landscape & Environment at La Sapienza University of Rome.

Her passion to research innovative approaches to protect and conserve cultural heritage is only matched by her love of the outdoors. Her mountaineering expeditions have taken her from Lebanon’s Qornet es Saouda to twenty of the world’s highest summits among which France’s Mont-Blanc and Russia’s Mount Elbus.