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Women In Buisness Program

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As part of our Non-Financial Services to SMEs and Women in Business, BLC Bank has launched the WOMEN IN BUSINESS PROGRAM, a toolkit for women in business providing them with all the needed information and support to reach their goals.

This program is made up of 7 sessions covering all the necessary business aspects required for every entrepreneur to better grow and scale their business, from creating the business plan, to protecting and registering their intellectual property, establishing a marketing stagey, understanding the basics of accounting and finance and all there is to know related to the taxation laws in Lebanon.  

This new non-financial solution is provided by experts from BLC Bank team and from the eco-system, and will be moving in all different regions in Lebanon.

The program is kick started though our contribution with VIDES and DON BOSCO delivering the program fully to the women in Kahale, Baabda region and the surrounding.


This program targets mainly women working from home or with a small business mostly regional and not formal and who want to take their talent/hobby/ small business to a new level.



Our first series is in Don Bosco Center , Kahale




  • SESSION 1: 
    BUSINESS PLAN: This training is based on the experimentation methodologies used by startups to build their business plan. It includes the nine components of the business canvas model that gives further insights to building a proper business plan. The highlights will help dig deeper into the problems that women are facing. Moreover, the attendees will learn how to create a good customer value proposition, a detailed business plan and hence will leave with a reliable take away to grow their business.
    • Amir Saab - Business and Entrepreneurship Training and Consultant
      Amir Saab is a certified Trainer and Entrepreneurship Educator from Babson College USA. He is the founder of Taqaddam, a training and development company aiming to bring entrepreneurship as a learnable material. He is currently a consultant for SME’s developing their business plans, and a mentor and business coach. He is an angel investor and deal leader with Seeders fund that invest in startups aiming to grow


  • SESSION 2:
    IP PROTECTION - How to Register & Protect your Business: During this session attending women will get an insight to what Intellectual Property (IP) is, from both the legal and commercial points of view. They will also learn the role of IP and its importance in their business life cycle, in addition to the different types of IP from Patents to trademarks, industrial designs and copyrights. It will also support women in the process of registering their business.
    • Lea FeghaliIntellectual Property Executive - Alyafi IP Group
      Lea El Feghaly is responsible for patent services at Alyafi IP Group, with a focus on patent prosecution regionally and internationally. Lea has extensive experience in helping inventors and companies navigate the tricky path to obtaining a patent.
      Lea’s areas of expertise are: Intellectual Property Litigation, Legal Research and Writing, Trademarks Infringement and Unfair competition, International Law, Business Development, Territory Management, IP in the digital age and Start-up Training.
    • Rimi KbarLLM Intellectual Property Consultant - Alyafi IP Group
      Rimi Kbar is responsible for trademarks and copyrights at Alyafi IP Group.
      Rimi’s areas of expertise are: Legal documents preparation, Legal/non-legal research, Excellent analytical and reporting skills, Intellectual property law specialist, Experience in GCC Law and many jurisdictions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IP and Copyright law.


  • SESSION 3:
    MARKETING FOR BUSINESS: The marketing strategy part of the business plan tackles the brand creation, and how attendees are going to get their brand to reach customers to buy their products and/or services. This workshop aims at exploring different ways of understanding the market and the consumer behavior, define market segmentation and  positioning, the How to Guide to Develop the Market strategy based on the 7 Ps of marketing including digital marketing, the budget and monitoring.
    • Carine FersanHead of Brand Management, BLC Bank
      Carine Fersan, Head of Brand Management at BLC Bank SAL, has ten years of banking experience through leading the Bank’s strategic marketing planning by segment from a customer centric approach. Among which are the Individuals and High Net worth, SMEs and Enterprises, and We-initiative which is the first holistic Women Empowerment program launched in MENA, positioning BLC Bank as the financial institution of choice for women in Lebanon and as a global example for Women’s Market best practices.


  • SESSION 4:
    BASICS  OF ACCOUNTING & RAISING FINANCE FOR SMEs: During this session attendees will get acquainted with the general ideas related to Accounting and how to raise Finance for SMEs. From the basic accounting terms and the types of financial statements to the different financial techniques and various ratios, this is the toolkit to establishing their financials and budgets and assessing ratios and business returns.
    • Jerome DagherSenior Financial Control Officer, BLC Bank
      Jerome Dagher is a Senior Financial Controller at BLC Bank, mainly in charge of creating and analyzing financial reports as per the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). He is also a teacher at CNAM-Liban (Masters Finance classes) since March 2017 and at the Arab Open University AOU (Finance, marketing & Management) since January 2015.


  • SESSION 5:
    UUNDERSTANDING YOUR FINANCIALS – Balance Sheet & Income Statement: Understanding their financial statements is key to effectively running a business and making smart decisions. This session will provide attendees with a good understanding of how to read, analyze, and create their Balance sheet and income statement so they can improve their business and generate better incomes.
    • Myriam KikanoHead of ME Credit Analysis Department, BLC Bank
      Myriam Kikano Kozhaya is Head of Medium Enterprises Credit Analysis Department within the Credit Management Group.
      Besides her banking career, Mrs. Kozhaya provides financial training programs for the bank's employees covering different subjects. She plays a major role in different events implemented and organized by BLC Bank, such as the Brilliant Lebanese Awards.


  • SESSION 6:
    TAXATION: This session will introduce the women in attendance to the legal aspects of the companies and enterprises in Lebanon, their rights and obligations, and all they need to know about indemnity of service, your tax obligations as a business and the VAT law by learning and applying practical exercises and case studies.
    • Bassam CordahiChartered Public Accountant, BC Audit
      Bassam Cordahi is an Independent Chartered Public Accountant at BC Audit, handling external audit for holdings, offshore, contracting & civil works, manufacturing, fashion, telecommunication, media, restaurants, FMCG distribution and other services companies. He is also in charge of reviewing and assessing internal control systems, business restructuring, compliance with laws regulations, due diligence, financial analysis and assessments, building feasibility studies and business plans, business valuation, accounting software selection and implementation taxation, handling VAT, income tax, social security returns, tax consultancy and forensic audit.


  • SESSION 7:
    BUILDING A BANK PARTNERSHIP: It is in this session that the women SME owners will understand why it is important to have a banking account and a good relationship with their bank. Just as well, they will be introduced to the various services offered by BLC Bank, from access to finance to all the financial and non-financial services such as trainings, networking and exposure.
    • Elie TannousHead of SME Business Development & Support, BLC Bank
      Elie Tannous is Head of SME Business Development & Support Team at BLC Bank. He is in charge of approaching new clients, management of critical credit files, monitoring of follow-up reports and administrative support tasks.


  • CLOSING CEREMONY: Certificate of completion


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