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24.April.2019 BLC Bank tags: A Step Towards Equality , #GenderGapLebanon

Ms. Randa Bahsoun is a Partner in the People & Organization practice, PWC

Randa is a partner in the people and organization practice of PwC and a board member of the PwC Middle East Region Board. Randa has more than 20 years of experience advising clients on organization and human capital issues including organization design, governance, human capital strategies, talent management and organizational change. Her primary focus is consulting for government and public sector in the GCC with emphasis on restructuring of center of government and social and human capital development. Her interests in the sector cover a broad range of areas including government and public sector reform, social innovation, the role of the third sector and entrepreneurship in social and economic development, as well as leadership and youth development and enablement.

Additionally, Randa has extensive experience working with family owned businesses on corporate governance, restructuring and organizational issues, and family office set ups; with the aim of creating a positive impact on their corporatization journey and business continuity.

In addition to her experience and commitment to advising clients on organization and people issues, Randa is a strong advocate of effective corporate governance and the importance of the role, leadership, and diversity of Boards in driving good governance practices, particularly in a regional and global environment that is constantly changing. During the past 15 years or so, she has been heavily involved in designing and promoting corporate governance for enterprises in the public and private sector.

She is taking "A Step Towards Equality" by participating in the Fight for Equal Pay Today panel. Book your seat now!

For every dollar a man earns, on average a woman is paid 25 cents. Based on today’s rate of progress, it will take 202 years for the pay gap to close, according to the World Economic Forum.
In this opening panel senior players from the public and private sector will have an open discussion around the pay gap in institutions. Men and women should have the same economic opportunities all around the world, but despite progress, protests and legislation, there is a persistent gap between what men and women are paid. Panelists will tackle 1) The pay gap situation in Lebanon with insights from the public and private sector, 2) the reasons behind the existence of a persistent pay gap 3) The policies, steps and measures to be taken to bridge this gap in less than 202 years.

By WE Initiative