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18.April.2019 BLC Bank tags: A Step towards Equality

Mr. Bassam HASSAN Chief Executive Officer, BLC Bank SAL 

Mr. Bassam Hassan has twenty five years of banking experience and is currently the Chief Executive Officer of BLC Bank SAL after having spent six years as the Advisor to the Vice Chairman and General Manager on all Banking issues related to BLC Bank Group. 
In 2008, Mr. Hassan served as the Head of Support for four years leading the Operations, Administration, Organization and Project Management Office (PMO) where he had established two of those departments, introduced a set of policies and procedures and lead major strategic endeavors related to technology.
He joined BLC Bank in 2001 as the Chief Information Officer where he managed an overhaul of the Bank’s technology infrastructure including telecommunication, the core banking system, the branch automation system, electronic delivery channels, SAN-to-SAN replication topology.
He started his career, in 1990, as a Project Manager at Logos SARL (ORACLE partners and Value Added Resellers) before joining the National Bank of Kuwait, in 1994, when he started his Banking career as the MIS Manager establishing and heading the MIS department at the bank.
Mr. Hassan graduated from the American University of Beirut in 1990 with a BS in computer Science and later completed his Master of Money & Banking in February 1994 also at the American University of Beirut.

Mr. Hassan is taking "A Step towards Equality" by bring up the issue of Gender Gap in lebanon.

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