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Asmahan ZEIN

18.April.2019 BLC Bank tags: A Step Towards Equality , #GenderGapLebanon

Partner in Filovault Crypta sal & President of Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB)


Ms. Asmahan ZEIN, Partner in Filovault Crypta sal & President of Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB)
Asmahan Zein, comes with a long experience in logistics and transportation, established Aramex in Lebanon and served on different executive positions for twenty-seven years. While in Aramex she was elected the first Female President for the Freight Forwarders Syndicate in Lebanon. In 2014 Asmahan started (Crypta s.a.l that was the franchise of Infofort LLC).
Throughout her career, she served on several boards, she served as the Vice Chair of Amideast Advisory Board in Lebanon until 2016 in addition to Vice Chair of Injaz Lebanon until 2017.
Passionate about impact and social entrepreneurship Asmahan serves on numerous boards and non-profits in addition to being the President of Lebanese League for Women in Business, she is The Vice Chair of Ruwwad Al Tanmiya Lebanon, Board member of Rural Entrepreneurs, Board member of Alfanar Advisory Board Lebanon, member on the steering committee of the United Nations Global Compact Lebanon, member of NCC/AUB (Nature Conservation Center) advisory board, in addition to being the Chair-person of Seeders/LWAF (a group of angel investors in Lebanon).


She is also part of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards Jury Panel.

Ms. Zein will be taking "A Step Towards Equality" but particpating in the Balance for Better Panel.

Women are more and more seen as being key to economic development and progress, and yet barely present in many of the boardrooms of the world’s largest companies. Ignoring the talent of half the population is surely not the ideal way to build board effectiveness. In Lebanon, only 4.4% of Lebanese companies have women on their governing boards (IFC)
Growing body of research shows a broad set of business benefits associated with gender diversity on corporate boards, including improved decision making, reduced risk, broader and deeper market knowledge, increased customer and employee satisfaction and enhanced reputation. This panel is gathering key players working closely on driving the change in this area to discuss 1) How can a diverse board with complementary skill sets and experiences positively affect company operations and strategy. 2) Are the laws, the barriers hindering the advancement of women to boardrooms 3)What are the policies, reforms, and actions to be taken on the ground to increase women’s corporate representations.


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