Feb . 2019

Soumaya Merhi

28.February.2019 BLC Bank tags: FMCG , BLA , Brilliant Lebanese Awards , Woman in Buiness

Born in Montreal, half German, half Lebanese, Soumaya Merhi was raised in the North of Lebanon in Tripoli and El-Koura. At the age of 16, she received a scholarship to attend United World College, USA, where she completed her international baccalaureate. She then completed her undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Sociology with a specialization in social economy & a graduate diploma in business administration in Montreal. Prior to TAQA, her experience mainly was in the organic dried fruit and nut industry and was trained by a Japanese pastry chef.

Soumaya Merhi, passionate about health snacks and leading an active lifestyle, had shyly come back to Lebanon in 2013 to bring her passion home. She started experimenting on natural energy bars and healthy cookies that would be inspired from what she loved the most in her childhood, dates, maamoul, and vermicelle. Then, an artisan bakery and mornings spend at Souk Et Tayeb, she started distributing her products in the Lebanese market, urging shops to give a chance to a product made in Lebanon and this is how TAQA started.

In the years that followed, Soumaya took the time to refine and perfect the recipes we know today, boasting its outstanding quality and its “côté Libanais”. She would soon inspire distributors across the Middle East to carry her brand, TAQA.

Today, TAQA brings life back to Lebanon’s saturated trade. A company that believes in quality, consistency, and standards mirrors across TAQA’s products to the well- being of her team. She stands strong in the face of manufacturing. Passing her positive energy, TAQA, to whoever she meets, TAQA snacks are proudly made in Lebanon.

In 2018, Suoma became a finalist the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards by BLC Bank.





TAQA is a young and dynamic bakery that gives back meaning to snacking!

TAQA bakery is a specialty baking operation that thrives on producing health snacks. TAQA is certified with ISO 22000:2005 and produces a line of wheat-free cookies, maamoul, crackers and wheat-free bread. TAQA products are free from modern white wheat, milk products, GMOs, palm oil, corn and soy flour.

TAQA’s vast capacity in innovation, creativity, and continuous improvement has contributed significantly in gaining credibility in food manufacturing while continuously maintaining and improving our food safety management system.

Visible in modern and traditional trade across the Lebanese market, today, TAQA’s products can be found in the Lebanese market and the region.

As an established and upstanding health snack brand in Lebanon, TAQA prioritizes its customers and values customer feedback.

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