Oct . 2017

Karen Chekerdjian: a signature

30.October.2017 WE Initiative tags: Design , Success Story

She is Karen Chekerdjian. She is a well-known luxury object and product designer based in Lebanon. She began as a film, advertising, graphic designer, and in 1994, she co-founded “Mind the gap”, a graphic design studio that helped in the development of the practice in Lebanon. She attended Milan’s prestigious Domus Academy and studied under Massimo Morozzi, a founding member of the legendary 1960s design studio, Archizoom and currently Art Director at EDRA, Italy’s globally renowned high-end furniture manufacturer. After having graduated from in 1997 with a Masters in Product Design and Design Direction, Karen worked in Milan and one of her first designs, a suspended hanger system entitled Mobil, was produced by EDRA.

In 2001, she came back to Beirut and opened Karen Chekerdjian Studio, which started as a conceptual think-tank, committed to exploring new ideas in design. The Studio then became more focused on the production of furniture and everyday accessories in small series, limited editions and custom-made commands.

In 2010, Karen opened Karen Chekerdjian Store in the Beirut Port area. The Store displays Karen’s work and other items created by other people. Her work was showcased in a number of boutiques in Beirut and Milan, and she frequently participates in some of the biggest annual design fairs, including New York’s ICFF, Milan’s Salone del Mobile, Cologne’s Mobelmesse and Paris’ Furniture Fair.  

Meet Karen Chekerdjian.

  • Who is Karen Chekerdjian?

Karen Chekerdjian is much more than just a brand, it is a signature. I have created a world and a story around my world. Either you understand it or you just stay completely out of it.

  • What inspired you to get into space and furniture design?

I always wanted to create object that could transform your daily life, which could be part of your experience

  • What is your philosophy about the art of space and furniture design?

I believe that every object we use can and should transform your life vision, I believe that each item of furniture is an architecture that has to generate something in the space, and that has to vehiculate a story.

  • What do you like most about space and furniture design?

I like the idea that nothing is fixed: It is an ongoing process. We do not have to freeze space but we need to evolve in it. In addition, furniture is part of our way of living, of our beliefs.

  • What is your favorite piece in all your collections?

IQAR is my iconic piece

  • What are the challenges you faced in your career?

Many challenges every day since I started. Moreover, every day I solve one challenge, I have a new one facing me! Production problems, client problems, branding problem, sales, etc…

  • What are your future plans?

I would like to sell my brand outside the border of Lebanon; I really want it to grow and to be able to be sustainable.