May . 2017

Is e-commerce really what you need?

15.May.2017 WE Initiative tags: ecommerce , expert advice

Did you know that 40% of people have their phone with them at all times and that 20% of us would rather give up their shoes than get rid of their phone?

However, despite these engaging figures, launching an online business isn’t a walk in the park.


But rest assured, it isn’t as mandatory as one would think it is in the digital era. As a matter of fact, Keeward’s very own Marylin Zakhour’s Business Power Session focused on all the reasons why going into e-commerce might not be the mind-blowing idea you think it is.


First things first: what is e-commerce? Forget the lengthy explanations; it’s merely the act of buying and selling online.


Before you embark on your e-journey, you should do some research to avoid making the wrong decisions and turning what was meant to be a great idea into a mere waste of time and money. Because yes, going into e-commerce costs a lot. Just like shops need maintaining, cleaning, designing, recruiting staff and changing the locks from time to time, a website won’t just manage and maintain itself once you launch it.

No digital agency or consultant comes with his wand and magical keyboard, writes the perfect code and kisses you goodbye. You need to do some market research, figure out shipping and logistics and make sure you do not have any crucial info such as passwords lingering in the drawer of a rancorous ex collaborator or supplier.


You should also ask yourself a set of questions in order to know what you’re exactly looking for, among which:


  • How do people come across your content? Have you ever wondered which Internet browser people use most? Would you cringe if we told you it’s Facebook, knowing that the vast majority of businesses disregard this platform when they test their website? More often than not, we tend to forget that people spend more time on their phone than they do on their computer, especially if they do not work in an office.


  • How do they interact with your brand? Most of the time, people give us the answer we want to hear. This does not mean that they are lying; it just means that as a business owner, you need to put some sense and logic behind what you heard. We expect potential customers to react in a certain way when customs and habits are obviously going to dictate a different behavior.
  • From where are they going to buy your goods?


  • Are they going to act upon impulse? If so, online is what you need. Are they going to compare, think about it, and want to see the product first? Then it might be useful to offer an alternative or some guarantees for the time being.


Yes, we feel you: launching an e-commerce platform takes time and efforts. But we’re going to let in on one of the world’s best kept secrets: you don’t actually have to launch a website of your own. Sites such as Amazon and even Whatsapp can lead to the same people, turn them into happy clients and your idea into a successful business!


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