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Out of the heart-shaped box this Valentine’s Day

12.February.2017 N/A tags: Valentine's Day , Finance , Small Businesses

There’s only so much chocolate, bubbly, diamonds and fancy dinners one bank account can handle. To start with, Valentine isn’t really your cup of tea, and when you go out on a date, you would rather not know that the place is packed with couples ordering pricy wine and being half-forced through a five-course meal when they would really rather be making memories together.


And because financial tips aren’t just about how much money you spend but also about how you spend it, we came up with this list of fun and different ways to indulge this Valentine’s Day.


Forget about the waiters, the cooks and the hassle of parking a car in Beirut. This Valentine, you’re cooking together. You might put the exact same price than by dining out, but there’s no denying this will allow you to spend more quality time picking courses, purchasing ingredients and bonding in the kitchen.


Also, change scenery. Why spend so much time trying to make it memorable to end sitting on the kitchen table or in the dining room? This calls for a picnic in the living room. We’re sure you would rather pick the playlist yourself, right?


Now’s the time to exchange gifts. Between birthdays and anniversaries, special occasions and spontaneous gifts, you’ve done it all. Flowers and chocolate are starting to become boring, especially if this is not the first Valentine you spend together. Worry no more; Lebanese SMEs have got you covered. They’ve found a creative way to celebrate every occasion and Valentine is no exception. Here are some of our very own favorites:

  • How about flowers of a different kind? Le Lilas Flower Lounge has got the perfect plants for your partner, especially if they’re the eco-friendly and responsible type. Forget about these pots that aren’t that pretty and go for the origami recycled version. It’s sure to revamp the room.
  • Still in the flower category, we move to something every foody will like. Yummy Bouquets has fruit flowers and chocolate flowers for those who hate to see their bouquet’s beauty fade.
  • If you don’t want to mess with the flower part, you can go all crazy on the sweets part. Cocoa and co.’s Hala Beydoun always has something up her sleeve to make everyone love chocolate even more!.
  • But you really wanted to surprise them with a customized package filled with pretty stuff, if only you had the time to go shopping! Well guess what, The Little Bundle Shop has done the gathering for you and came up with the coolest boxes in town! Don’t want to stick to their Valentine breakfast option? There’s surely a box for every person in your life. You can even take the time to tell them what your significant other likes best and they’ll do the gathering for you.


And if you’re still not convinced about celebrating Valentine’s Day, put on a DVD and order pizza or sushi, as long as your partner is on the same wavelength, this is all that matters! You can keep these ideas in store for another day, one when you feel like wowing them. For every and any day is Valentine for a happy couple!

By WE Initiative