Feb . 2017

Career paths you could pursue in a bank

20.February.2017 N/A tags: Human resources , Job , Banking

“Why would I apply for a job in a bank? These brochures honestly sound like Chinese to me and the nearest I got to studying Banking and Finances was when I overheard their teacher while running down a corridor to make it to my Spanish class. Plus, I wouldn’t know how to save money if it meant saving my own life.”

This is often what most people think when their uncle asks them from the other side of Sunday family’s lunch table why they wouldn’t apply for a job in the banking sector. After all, it’s renowned for being the most stable one in the country.

Although it’s quite hard to believe, your uncle isn’t completely wrong and there are a few career paths you would surprise to know you can pursue inside a bank.

So how about we break down some of them and let you see for yourself if you really have nothing to win by sending that CV of yours to BLC Bank?

  • Information Technology major graduates can work within our Information Technology Department and in different teams such as System Development, Support & Help Desk, Infrastructure Management & Database Administration or Network, Telecommunication & DR Site Management.
  • Law graduates can work within the Legal department as Lawyers or can join the Compliance team as Legal Compliance Officers.
  • Copywriters and Translators can fit within the Communications team, in order to make these brochures sound less like Chinese.
  • Event planners have their place in marketing too. From conferences to employees’ gatherings, they’re sure to handle a wide range of events.
  • Graphic Designers are also necessary to the Marketing Department. Because someone needs to make these campaigns stand out, right?
  • Civil Engineers can join our Maintenance Team to help develop of existing and new branches. They can also work as Credit Analysts within the Corporate or SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Teams.
  • Mathematics major graduates can fit within the Compliance and Information Technology Team thanks to their Scientific and Analytical skills.
  • As for Psychology major graduates, we have a place ready for them in our Human Resources Group, because there is no better way to keep a company up-an-going than by understanding the people that dedicate their time to its success.

Convinced? We’re looking forward to receiving your CV if you think you gather the skills needed to join one of our teams! Don’t waste any time and send it on to [email protected] !

By WE Initiative