Feb . 2016

Work with Younger Colleagues

18.February.2016 Marilyn Elias tags: Baby Boom , Generation Y , management , Human resources , Tips

You’d feel secluded when you are working with people half your age. They are people who have old people in their lives but they have different priorities. This doesn’t mean that you can build strong relationships with them. Adopt this advice:


• Don’t play a role.

The seniors often prefer to escape their younger colleagues. You might find a lot of common traits with them, so connect with them just like you would like those who are older than you to connect with you.


• Avoid being judgmental.

Usually younger colleagues would like to tell stories of their wild life and parties, say jokes you might find inappropriate or have an improper style. Try not to look at them as if they are beneath you. You have worked hard to earn this position just like them. Instead of treating them with humiliation, focus on what they add to the team.


• Don’t treat them as your children.

You might feel the need to tell your colleague that she is wearing something not suitable affecting her reputation. Or reproach the young man in the next office for partying every day, but don’t. You might sound like a conservative. Deal with them as the adults they are, even if both of you don’t share the same opinions.


• Be an advisor.

Some people don’t like newcomers because they threaten their stability so they don’t provide them with anything. Be confident, and eager to train your colleagues and help them pave the path of their career and success.


• Don’t be bossy.

Having a different way to work on a certain task doesn’t mean that the process adopted by your colleague is wrong. If you have been assigned to correct and supervise them, only then you can play according to your own rules.