Jul . 2016

make it to the BLA’s final selection?

12.July.2016 Ghina Achkar tags: Brilliant Lebanese Awards , Business , Lebanese Business

Last year, the fourth edition of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards recognized the achievements of an optometrist specialist, a caker, and a graphic designer. But what do these three persons have in common? “Nothing!”, you would hastily answer. But dig a little deeper and you will see there is more than meets the eye. For the Brilliant Lebanese Awards are BLC Bank’s way of recognizing the national talents that are striving towards a brighter future, one innovative idea at a time. As the first business awards in Lebanon, they are a token of our pledge to excellence. And a way to boost all of the great businesses out there!


But what are the selection criteria that enable specific businesses to partake in this one-of-a-kind experience? What are the core values that bring together all of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards finalists and make them worthy of holding the titles of Best business of the year”, “Woman entrepreneur of the year” or the “People’s choice award”?


The Brilliant Lebanese Awards’ jury takes into consideration Four criteria that are in line with the bank’s identity and values:

  • Creativity: 30% for innovation as well as the project’s uniqueness.
  • Financial: 30% for the profitability and growth rates of the business, the financial impact of the business and the economic opportunities created.
  • Sustainability: 25% for the development strategy of the business, its governance structure and other aspects indicating its chances of long-term success and future growth.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: 15% for the social opportunities created and the impact of the business on the environment and society in terms of jobs created, diversity and inclusion in its employment structure.


Since these awards target for-profit organizations, successful business models, exhaustive strategies and outstanding results are surely among the requirements that catch our jury’s attention. However, BLC Bank has been working towards a more sustainable economic and societal environment, which can only be reached by shifting personal and professional approaches and changing daily habits. It is thus crucial for the participating businesses to mirror the way we combine business and social commitment.


Now that we gave you the keys to understand the selection process, have a look around and spot all of the brilliant businesses that surround you. Who knows, the next BLA winner might be transforming the world just around the block from your house!