Aug . 2016

What Are The Desk Stretches?

07.August.2016 Florence KANAAN tags: work out , exercise , sports at work , healthy office

Nowadays, most people spend their time sitting behind a desk at the workplace: It is the “sitting disease” with its health threats including sore necks, muscle degeneration, and worsening brains. Nevertheless, when it comes to going to the gym, a large number of persons are just too exhausted to work out.


Officevibe, a company committed to giving organizations the tools they need to become amazing workplaces, suggests some desk stretches that will not have the same effect as going to the gym, but will help you feel better while sitting at your desk for hours. After all: A few desk stretches a day keep the doctor away!


Here are some of them.


  • The Elbow Pump 
    You can do this while sitting down. Touch your opposite shoulder blade, then gently grab your elbow, and pull it towards the opposite side
  • The Knee-Jerk
    While sitting, lift your leg up and grab onto your knee. Try to pull your leg towards your chest, and see how close you can get it. Hold for 10 seconds
  • The Toe-Toucher
    While sitting, straighten your legs and reach out to try to touch your toes.
  • The Ballerina
    Lift your arm over your head and reach towards the opposite side. Remember to keep your back upright.
  • The Backwards Clap
    Put both of your hands behind your back with palms touching and push out your chest as if you are trying to intimidate the co-worker across from you. Hold this pose for 5 seconds
  • The I Don’t Know
    Raise both of your shoulders at the same time. Hold for 5 seconds and then release. As you bring your shoulders down, say, “I don’t know”
  • The Bobble Head
    Lean your head down and rotate your neck from left to right. Remember to go slow, and ideally sing a song so you do not look weird.
  • Touch the Sky
    Interlock both hands together and try your best to touch the sky, with palms facing the ceiling. Hold for 5 seconds.
  • The Knee Pump
    Cross your leg, and gently push down on your knee, stretching the gluts. As you are pushing down, remember to breathe slowly.
  • The Neck Breaker
    Take your hand and grab the opposite side of your head. Gently, pull your head towards your shoulder. No need to have your ear actually touch your shoulder, only moving a few inches is good enough.
  • The Proposal
    Get down with one knee on the floor and one knee bent, as if you were about to propose to your coworker and slowly lean forward. Hold for 5 seconds. Switch and repeat.
  • Reach for The Sky
    In the same position as the one above, but this time look up to the sky and put your hands up. This one is great for your abdominals.
  • I am a little TeaCup!
    In the same position as the one above, now put your right arm on your waist and then take your left arm reach it up to the sky and then slowly to the right side.
  • Hand Holding
    Grab your hand and bend it slowly towards you until you feel a slight burn in your wrist. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 3 times. Then grab your hand with your palms facing out and pull back until you feel a stretch in your wrist.
  • One Arm Hug
    Take your left arm and grab your right shoulder. With your right hand, grab your elbow and gently pull it towards your right shoulder. Repeat with the opposite arm.
  • Push the wall
    Find a wall or doorway, and with one arm at a time, press your hand into the wall while turning your body away until you feel a stretch in your shoulder. Remember not to go too hard!
  • The High Kick
    While sitting, extend one leg and hold for 2 seconds. Then try to lift that leg as high as it can go and hold for 5 seconds.