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Wedding Season Tips

24.July.2018 Ghina Achkar tags: Marriage , Plan , Wedding

Blame it on Hollywood, or fairytales, or both, but nowadays brides rarely aim to tie the knot in less than exceptional circumstances. Problem is that heavenly trip you are making to Santorini to hear your childhood friend pledge her endless and unconditional love to her highschool boyfriend will leave a severe crack in your bank account. Also, things would be great if you only had this one wedding to attend. But with 600-guest ceremonies becoming the common way to say “I do” in Lebanon, you have received around seven or eight invitation cards and we’re not even in June yet!


So here’s a list to help you make it through shopping for dresses, brushings, makeup sessions, wedding registries, planning trips, and still having some money on the side to make it through summer.

  • Don’t always go over the top: Your friend is free to throw a wedding party worthy of the Arabian nights; this doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to please the groom’s great-aunt Suzanne. You have just started work, or have a family of your own, and no one would remember that dress you have since before the selfy era.


  • Opt for a plain dress: Yes, we all know, you wish you were a man. This would enable you to buy one expensive black suit and switch ties
    depending on the event without anyone noticing. But we can almost do it as well. Just stay far away from memorable or printed dresses; a classical dress will take you anywhere. Shoes, accessories, hats, scarfs make the difference.


  • Not all gifts are costly: Be a nice friend, the soon-to-be husband and wife are going through a stressful period so it is not just about getting them an expensive gift; it is mostly about making them feel special and a bit more relaxed. Offer your help and try to take a bit off of their plate. This will surely win you more points than an extra 100$ added to the wedding registry.


  • Grab a travel partner: Don’t let that wedding abroad dampen your budget; car rentals and hotel rooms are cheaper when split into two – or more. Plus, the more the merrier! Who knows what encounters you can make before it’s time to catch that bouquet!


  • Turn the trip into a vacation: Plane tickets are quite expensive during the summer. Chances are you might have to forget about that trip you wanted to make to recharge your batteries and escape work stress and deadlines. Add two days to the trip and turn the stay into your annual leave!


  • Call a friend: Brides shouldn’t be the only ones to follow this old “Something new, something gold, something blue and something borrowed” saying. And yes, you know what part it is we are highlighting! If you feel you are with the same crowd at every wedding and have nothing new to wear, exchange dresses with a friend from another circle.


  • Snatch a young designer’s dress: Lebanon is full of young talents who offer amazing pieces at more affordable prices than renowned designers. Spare your wallet a few hundred dollars and give the new generation a chance. You might become the next trendsetter!


  • Stick to the actual ceremony: From bachelor and bachelorette parties to prewedding brunches and dinners, weddings turn into festivals more often than not. But you do not have to attend all of these mondanités if you are not part of the family or a close friend of the bride or groom.


  • All you working moms, do not stress because of work schedule: Some shops, malls, and even hairdressers close doors late in the evening, especially in the summer season. This gives you plenty of time to finish work, take care of the kids, and go on a late-night shopping spree once you have tucked them into bed.


  • You can always decline: Let’s be honest, there are some weddings you can escape more easily than others. Do not overcommit yourself If you are really tight on budget, you can always follow up with a call and send a small gift or contribution to the wedding registry as a way of showing you appreciate the invitation.

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