Sep . 2016

The kids are back to school; now what?

07.September.2016 Ghina Achkar tags: Back to School , Family , Stay at home mum

It wasn’t an easy choice, but you made it. You figured out you are not built for the hectic working mom lifestyle and want to be more present for your kids. But now that your little one is old enough to go to school, you went from a 9-to-5 job to an 8-to-3 break. The house is empty and all of your days look the same. Let’s call a cat a cat, you are on the edge of regretting that decision and are in severe need of some action.


Here are some ideas that can help you make the best out of these hours!


  • Go freelance
    Forget all you heard about stay-at-home moms, they make a very dynamic workforce. From blogging to launching your own business, writing to designing and planning events… No matter your job before entering Mommyland, chances are you can do it as a freelancer. This will give you the opportunity to stay busy, feel active, and maintain a healthy balance between work and family with a flexible schedule that will allow you to spend more time with your kids once they are back from school.
  • Go bilingual
    Remember that time you really got infatuated with the Spanish language? Swore you would learn Japanese? Fell in love with Paris and said next time you visit, you would communicate with locals in French? Well now’s the time to do something about it. From online courses to cultural institutes and special university courses, you have a wide range of techniques to choose from.
  • Go creative
    Unleash your creative side and let it take over your schedule. Paint, bake, stitch or organize weekly workshops dedicated to your hobby. You can also create gift baskets and sell them; a graduation, a wedding, and even a leg in a cast can trigger a need for a special gift and you have always been told you are the most creative one in town! And just in case you want to turn this hobby of yours into a business and make a smooth transition from hobby to business.


From now on, you are the captain of your ship from eight to three!