Jul . 2016

Making sure your little ones have fun

25.July.2016 Ghina Achkar tags: Family management , Mother , Stay at home Mum , Family

“I am bored”, three words that forecast intensive brain-picking for the next hour to make sure the day doesn’t turn into a nightmare for both you and your little one.


Needless to say keeping kids busy all summer long is probably one of the most strenuous tasks a mother will face. Add a 9-to-5 job to the equation and you will be in for a fun ride! So take a deep breath, don’t give in to guilt for working while they’re at home and remember that tablets and binge eating in front of the TV are not a way to solve the issue and make it through summer.


Of course, there’s the all-time favorite: summer camps. But you usually have to secure a place months earlier since they fill up quite quickly. Moreover, summer camps often start one or two weeks after school’s over and come to an end before the next academic year arrives, require hectic organization for drop-offs, pick ups and babysitting with a nanny or the grandparents; so better be prepared in advance to face any eventuality!


So let’s focus on fun yet constructive options that can keep the kids busy even if Mom is not here to keep an eye on them…

  • Create a learning fun kit to make sure they remember what they learned last year and are ready to kick off the upcoming school year.
  • Schedule weekly storytelling and poetry evenings for the family and have your little ones prepare the program and content.
  • Plant a flower garden in a planter and have your kids choose what plants and flowers to grow.
  • Have old school fun: take out the old board games, prepare salt dough or help them create their own outdoor chalkboard in the yard.
  • Build a birdhouse and bird feeder with Popcicle sticks and seeds and have them take care of it.
  • Make a photo journal and let them pick the photographs they want to include by scanning in the old shoe boxes no one opens.
  • Have them volunteer: no matter how old they are, there is always a way in which one can help, even if it’s just taking time to sort out old toys and clothes that are too small to wear.
  • Create your own puppets and have them bring them to life by preparing puppet shows.
  • Have them start a new activity: summer is the best time to learn how to swim, play tennis  or pick up an instrument
  • Make the most out of every weekend: roadtrips, picnics and even water balloon fights and scavenger hunts are sure to have your kids’ heads filled with great memories!


Any fun and creative ideas of your own? A special activity or a favorite spot to take the kids? Feel free to share with the WE Community!