Dec . 2016

When moms take matters into their own hands

02.December.2016 When moms take matters into their own hands tags: Brilliant Lebanese Awards , Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

Yes, Plato was not really thinking about Mompreneurs when stating “A true creator is necessity, for it is the mother of our invention”; but we are ready to bet you will reconsider once we show you how far mommies are ready to go for the sake of a healthier future for their kids. Some even go the extra mile by launching a business out of this ingenuous idea in order to let other moms benefit from their homemade project.

Between being a mom and an entrepreneur, these two finalists decided not to choose, and thus chose both. They started off by wanting to make a change for their families and ended up bringing other moms products that are more conscious of their kids’ wellbeing. We had a talk with them to see where it all started and how their “Mommy instinct” made them the recognized entrepreneurs they are today.

“I launched my business about 2 years ago”, explains Pamela Jabour. “I was having trouble finding affordable, comfortable , trendy shoes for my daughter who was 3 at the time and came up with the ‘Mes petites ballerines’ concept. What started as a small collection then grew to reach more and more little girls”

Moms all around the world are known for being masters in the art of solution finding. Zeina Daoud also stands as a perfect illustration of this statement. All it took was one melon weirdly tasting of detergent for her to acquire a moderate organic parcel of land in the Bekaa that she planted with parsley, mint, lettuce… and melon, of course!

But how does a project that initially aimed to serve your family end up turning into a full-fledged business? Zeina’s experience is sure to give more insight on the process:

“The harvest was more than enough for our families and something inside me was pushing me to share the healthy products with others. Everyone should be able to eat real vegetables; it is the least we can ask for! The small parcel became a 50,000 square meters land and I started delivering fresh vegetables and fruits to clients’ doorsteps before opening 2 shops.“

Mompreneurs also make for wonderful role models. They juggle perfectly between motherhood and entrepreneurship, spreading what they do best from the cocoon of their family to the rest of the world. “When I started my business I didn’t expect it to turn into such a big success”, confesses Pamela. “Today, being recognized locally and internationally makes me proud to show other women that with a small capital and a nice idea, each and every one of us can pursue her dreams!”

What is even more remarkable about these business women is that they tend to form a community bond with their clientele. Zeina’s shop, La Vie Claire, is for instance much more than your typical organic boutique: “Every day witnesses its lot of merry and joyful discussions when clients discover the harvest of the day and start planning their menu for the week… We share recipes, ideas and advice which makes this such a special and enriching experience.”

Raising a family and starting a business are two of the most strenuous yet gratifying ventures one can embark on. Both present their share of round-the-clock obligations and demand patience, perseverance and love. And although doing one alone can be challenging enough, some wouldn’t have it any other way!


*The Brilliant Lebanese Awards are an initiative launched by BLC Bank in 2012. As the first banking awards in Lebanon, they aim to recognize Lebanese entrepreneurs through two categories: the Business of the Year and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year and are a token of the bank’s commitment to SMEs.