Jul . 2013

Choice, Control, Change

31.July.2013 Christine FRANCIS ASMAR

You must have heard about the ELENIN Commit where a huge commit was supposed to hit the earth last September, and about the Mayan Prophecy that is linked to their calendar, where they suggest that the end of the world will be on 21 December, 2012!


Well if you think like me you would find this worth exploring. Definitely not to go into a state of belief, panic and disarray like some of the people would, but rather to sit back and pretend it is true and see how to make the best of your life.


The questions that came to my mind were the following:

  • If this were true what are my choices?
  • How would I consciously choose to live this year?
  • What are the changes I need to do to make my life worth living?
  • What difference would I want to make in my life and the lives of others from a compassionate place?
  • And if it were truly dooms day what are the deeds that I would like to be judged on?


The power of choice is something we always tend to underestimate. In any given situation, only by knowing we have a choice, we could take control, and when we take control we could bring about the changes we desire.


What is true about this is that we are going through a period of change; and it is our responsibility to become more aware and proactive, since the world as we know is definitely changing.


In order for each one of us to step up we need to decide to maximize on our potential that is usually limited by interferences, either self-generated or imposed by other. What I am trying to say is that we also tend to underestimate our power and the impact we have on ourselves, community and hence the world. We need to live life and not drift through it by gaining control.


MY INSIGHT IS: I choose to do small changes to produce big results and impact, I choose to own my commitments of having a positive effect on those who cross my path and I choose to make this year the year of transformation! SO WHAT IS YOURS?