Aug . 2016

Children Imagination Begins At Home!

07.August.2016 Florence KANAAN

Did you know that young children have an excellent capacity for creativity?


For instance, take a very common cardboard box. It may not seem very special at first glance. Nevertheless, with a little imagination, it can be changed into a cave, a boat, a hotel or even an igloo!


When children play pretend, there are endless possibilities for fun adventures. Play pretend also helps children develop stronger cognitive, linguistic, and social skills.


Take the time to play pretend together with your children: They will have the opportunity to interact, negotiate and take turns, all of which helps build the relationship skills that they need for success in school and beyond.


According to some studies, it appears that make-believe games can help children with self-regulation, including reduced aggression, courtesy, and even empathy. Furthermore, as children spend time talking during play pretend, they are boosting emerging literacy skills.


Parents can raise healthy and lively imaginations in little ones in many ways. For example, they can use simple items, like cardboard boxes, to trigger kids’ imagination. If the box becomes a school, you can ask when classes begin. If it is transformed into a boat, buy a ticket for a ride. Thus, you will help to develop the story while allowing your child to take the creative lead.


In addition, reading stories aloud also offers the opportunity for children to imagine scenarios, settings and characters, while helping stimulate language development at the same time.


Kids love to play with their parents, so play along!