Aug . 2016

BLC Bank gives you the keys to your dream house

10.August.2016 Ghina Achkar

Always dreamed of owning your own home? Tired of paying a rent when this money could be used to get you a place of your own? Think you’re too young, don’t earn enough, or that it’s just not the time to get yourself into such a hectic and long procedure? BLC Bank has just what you need to help you make it through your life’s most important acquisition and we are starting by giving you the basic info!


The “How to purchase your home 101” course starts by becoming familiar with BLC Bank’s full range of housing loans:

  • The Iskan Loan is given in collaboration with the Public Corporation for Housing (PCH). It is tailored to support Lebanese residents with limited income/budget purchase their primary residence. Iskan Loans exempt the loan-holder from registration & mortgage fees as well as fiscal stamps on legal contracts. However, official approval is mandatory to proceed.
  •  The Iskan Innovative Loan: Paying an additional deposit of 10% of the loan amount to BLC Bank will let you benefit from a 0% interest.
  • The BDL Classic Plan, which is supported by the Central Bank of Lebanon, supports Lebanese residents and expatriates looking to finance their primary residence in Lebanon.
  • The BDL Innovative loan lets you benefit from 0% interest by paying a non-refundable deposit to the bank which value will depend on loan currency, amount and period.
  • BLC’s Deluxe Plan is our very own housing loan characterized by lenient features such as high financing amount, no restrictions on residence being primary, its geographic location or area in square meters.
  • The Cyprus Housing Loan is a special plan allowing Lebanese residents and expatriates to invest in a new property or own a summer gateway in Cyprus. It also gives the opportunity to apply for a Cypriot residency.
  • For home improvement and construction plans, BLC Bank provides you with a financing plan to carry out renovations in your existing house. In addition, if you have a license to build your house along with the plans, blueprints for the works and the detailed project budget, BLC Bank offers you a customized construction plan that suits your needs.
  • Whether you are a Lebanese resident or non-resident, benefit from a refinancing plan and get a high refinancing amount on your already owned property in Lebanon over a flexible period of time.


Now that things are a little less hazy, you can move on to the next phase and simulate as many times as you wish, try all the plans before taking your decision. You can also ask our experts for help, call us.


When you do, the person in charge of your application will ask you to provide basic personal and professional information as well as details regarding the house you would like to purchase. Once you provide us with a clean judicial record, the expert has paid you a visit to assess the house and the BLC Bank committee has approved your application, the deal is considered to be sealed!