Feb . 2016

Are you on the right track towards greatness?

08.February.2016 Marilyn Elias

In any given job, aiming for greatness is an essential part of professionalism. This includes attempting to add quality to everything you accomplish. Achievers are distinguished from others by this attitude. These are some of the qualities these individuals usually have.


Greatness is all about working outside of your comfort zone, receiving certain experiences and heartaches while experiencing things with the attempt of succeeding. The only reason you can perceive progress is due to the essential failure.


You only start learning, acquiring knowledge and successfully achieving things when these conditions are applied. Then you will be on the right track towards greatness.



  • Use initiative to seize opportunities and be a leader even before other people perceive you as one. Vigorous institutions compensate those who take initiative not only those with the management role.
  • Set your priorities straight and be responsible for your own goals.
  • Act with a positive attitude even under pressure. Attempt to solve any problem before delegating it to someone else. Let your first answer always be a positive one.
  • When you are accomplishing a task do not only stick to what is needed from you. Always go the extra mile and make yourself noticed.
  • Be enthusiastic: this gives you reward and recognition.
  • Take action to solve problems before they occur and try to avoid them too.
  • Learn whatever new skills may enhance your performance
  • Value and develop new ideas
  • Remember common sense is not common.


 Encouraging, confident, persistent!

  • Help others and positively respond to any needed help.
  • Explain to others how they should proceed.
  • Give others the power to move forward: great individuals’ help others move forward when weak individuals hold people back.
  • Accept that each individual has his own way of thinking.
  • Be confident: reflect that confidence in other team members, and trust that it will make your team successful.
  • Stay motivated even when the situations get tough.
  • Help team members focus on participating, staying positive and sharing their comments.
  • Be acquainted with people in your institution and preserve these connections.
  • Your mistakes are as useful as your successes. Learn from them.
  • Try to figure out what makes others successful and imitate them.


Expertise and quality

  • Re-evaluate the condition of your work.
  • Paint a clear image of what is needed to succeed
  • Analyze the pros and cons and take measured risks.
  • Try to perceive the whole picture.
  • Make customers your priority.