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Public Finance for SMEs

22.02.2018 Price: $100 From 09:00 AM Till 05:00 PM Partners: Institut Bassel Fuleihan tags: NSSF , TVA , Income Tax , Public Finance , SME


As a business owner, do you need to better analyze your company's financials? Do you face problems understanding Lebanese tax system? Do you know when and why you apply for VAT? Do you know the rules and benefits of Social Security?

BLC Bank in collaboration with the “Institut Bassel Fuleihan" (ministry of finance) is organizing a special 2 days workshop dedicated to entrepreneurs and Business owners to enhance your knowledge in Accounting , Taxes, VAT and Social Security by learning and applying practical exercises and case studies.

Intensive, Clear, Effective – Take Your Business To the Next Level! Sometimes we just need a boost forward, a powerful partner to assist us, a business POWER session.

BLC Bank's Business Power Sessions are intense, information rich, walk-on-fire brain-charge business networking breakfasts designed to help you break free, dig deep and make solid progress in record time.

PS: this session is delivered in Arabic 


February 22

How do I manage my accounts?

  • Brief presentation of the legal aspects of the companies and enterprises in Lebanon
  • Financial decrees: Real profits &LUMP Sum profits 
  • Tax and profit declaration templates
  • Financial statements
  • Exercises 

Social Security Law: Rights and obligations

  • Contributions and ratios
  • Indemnity end of service 
  • Notice and Dismissal
  • Annual declaration
  • Practical cases  

February 23:

What are my tax obligations?

  • Income tax: characteristics and principles
  • Income Tax: Taxes Applicable on Benefits of Industrial, Commercial and Non-Commercial Activities
  • Income Tax on Wages and Salaries
  • Income Tax on Capital Income
  • Other taxes: Stamp duty 
  • Exercises 

What should I know about VAT?

  • Value Added Tax: concept and principles
  • Exercises

Speaker Biography

Mr. Fadi Barhouche, is the owner and managing director of FJB & Partners – Accounting & Auditing that holds a diversify portfolio of more than 250 companies in different sectors (Commercial, Contracting, Service, Tourism, Public, TV Production….). He has more than 30 years of experience in auditing and accounting in Lebanon and the MENA region. His educational background is in Philosophy and Accounting and he holds a Bachelor degree in commercial science from the University of Holy Spirit in Kaslik. He has been working with the Institut des Finances Basil Fuleihan as a trainer and speaker for several workshops on taxation and accounting for Small and Medium Enterprises in Lebanon.

Mr. Roger Lahoud   

 حائز على ماستر في المحاسبة والمالية من الجامعة الاميركية للعلوم والتكنولوجيا عام 2007. تنقّل في عدّة مناصب في وزارة المالية: من مراقب ضرائب عام 2001 الى مراقب ضرائب رئيسي الى رئيس دائرة معالجة المعلومات في مديرية الواردات ويشغل حالياً منصب مدير الشؤون الادارية بالتكليف في وزارة المالية. أستاذ محاضر في عدة جامعات ومعاهد

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