Mar . 2017

They helped us wish you a “Happy Women’s Day”

13.March.2017 N/A tags: Success Story , Lebanese Business

Because we at BLC Bank truly believe that actions speak louder than words, we make sure to include as many SMEs and female entrepreneurs in our pool of suppliers. So when we decided to offer the bank’s female employees and selected women in media a token of our commitment and appreciation, it was only logical to us to turn to our partners of choice: small enterprises led by women.


As Images d’Orient’s founder Peggy Dabar puts it: “Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee surrounded by your loved ones. Don’t forget your priorities and don't let the world consume you”. So we chose some of the coasters she designed, reminding women we stand by them from the moment they drink their morning coffee thinking about the budding idea in the back of their mind to the moment they pop the champagne in celebration of its success. Talking about success, you might remember Images d’Orient from 2015’s list of Brilliant Lebanese Awards finalists. The brand was born in 2003 with the aim to preserve the memory of our cultural identity. It is a message that old and outdated is precious but could also be fun and up to date. Images d’Orient initially started with a few home accessories, now their connection features full sets of dinnerware. And although they mainly focus on home accessories, the brand’s strength is in its concept and patterns.


Now that the packages were ready, we needed to find someone to help us deliver them to all the women we wanted to celebrate. Luckily, one enterprise in Lebanon is all about making people’s lives easier. Your savior’s name is Wakilni and it was launched by its mother company Tiqany in 2015. It offers businesses and individual’s pickup and delivery services as well as support in governmental and other day-to-day transactions.


Craving popcorn from ABC Grand Cinemas? Why not. Forgot to pick up dog food on your way back home? No worry! Need someone to save you a seat in line at your doctor’s clinic? Sure thing.


And since they love to deliver gifts, they helped us deliver a whole bunch of them for International Women’s Day.


When we asked these ladies what kept them going on their entrepreneurial journey, they had some pretty inspiring words.


Yusr Sabra stated there were many factors that came into play in order to get her to where she is. “First and foremost, I followed my passion and persisted, even when the going got rough. I am also blessed to be surrounded by a support network of family, partners and mentors who continue to cheer me on”. To all the women out there wishing to launch their own business she advises to “be whoever you want to be – because you can. Be a source of inspiration to those around you by working to achieve your full potential. There’s real ecstasy in finding and following your calling”.


As for Peggy Dabar, she assures us “the key to success is to fight for your goal and passion as an entrepreneur and not as a female entrepreneur!”, and we couldn’t agree more!


One more time, we would like we wish you all a happy women month. May your path be filled with successful milestones and daring projects!



By WE Initiative