Jan . 2015

Which is more suitable for your career?

07.January.2015 Florence KANAAN tags: Startup corporate

What is better for you and for your career on the long run? A startup or a corporate job?  A startup can offer more flexible hours but how will it give you progress in your management positions in the future? On the other hand, a corporate job can be the ideal place to get structured on-the-job training, but will you be able to acquire the creative thinking skills you will need in order to open your own business?


If you still have not decided which environment and path to take, the following questions will help you make the most out of your career both now and in the future. 


Do You Know What Your Dream Career is?

A person working in a startup can have many roles and multiple positions: Managing a team of employees, writing training manuals, designing internship flyers, answering the phone and interviewing potential employees… Few people work in startups and everybody is expected to cooperate.


Moving from a startup into a corporate position can help you have a more focused position because you already have a better idea of your capacities and the things you enjoy doing.


Corporate positions mostly have specific roles without having to concentrate on many responsibilities. If you know the role or the path you want to follow, this kind of environment will be suitable for you. Moreover, you will only be working on what you are assigned to. For instance, if you are a manager, you manage. If you are a business analyst, you make reports.


What Resources Do You Need to Reach Your Goals?

Working in a startup can often mean liaising with a boss who has not much more experience than you. You will thus have to read management books and check online resources to mentor yourself. On the other hand, a corporate position will put many more resources at your disposal, for example your co-workers, your bosses, their bosses etc…


But what do you personally need to succeed? If you want to take risks, initiatives and learn from trial and error, you may not need a corporate position to reach your eventual career goals. Nevertheless, if you fancy readily available knowledge and experience that you may require to advance to the position you want, you might find a corporate position more helpful.


What Environment Will Really Help You Succeed?

You have to think about the factors that are essential to help you go forward to reach your goals. Will you be better with an always evolving, “think outside the box” mentality, or a structured environment? This will completely depend on your personality and work style.