Jul . 2019

Rebecca Bou Chebel-Macmillan on Gender Equality

By We Initiative in Partnership with Who Run the World - Podcast 03.July.2019 Who Run the World tags: Gender Equality , Who Run the World , Woman Empowement

Ms. Rebecca BOU CHEBEL-MACMILLAN International Strategic Communications and Reputation Management Advisor. 


Rebecca Bou Chebel-MacMillan is an International Strategic Communications and Reputation Management advisor. She has a dual role of managing strategic communications campaigns for international clients and governments with a focus on the Middle East & North Africa, while also facilitating regional new business development for Independent entities. She draws on extensive experience in the Middle East meets West, where for the past 17 years she has worked in the field of corporate and government strategic communications and reputation management.
Rebecca holds a Master of Science in Foreign Service/International Affairs (MSFS), from Georgetown University, Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service in Washington DC and a Bachelor of Arts, Diplome d’Etudes Superieurs from the Institut Des Beaux Arts, UL. Rebecca is fluent in Arabic, French and English with working knowledge in Spanish.


Rebecca took part of "A Step towards Equality", the first conference in Lebanon tackeling the gender gap, by participating in the Balance for Better panel.



Who Run the World is a series of conversations that explores what it means to be a female leader working and living in the Arab world. Each episode of this podcast focuses on one woman’s story. Our guests share the challenges and victories of their journey, and how they navigate the complexity of the workplace. Whether they realise it or not, each of these women, in her own way, is a role model for young women and girls in the Middle East and beyond.




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