Jul . 2019

Josiane Fahed Sreih on Gender Equality

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Dr. Josiane FAHED SREIH Associate Professor of Management, Director, Institute of Family and Entrepreneurial Business, Assistant Dean – LAU


Dr. Josiane Fahed-Sreih is a full time Associate Professor of Management in the School of Business at the Lebanese American University.  She is the founder and currently the Director of the Institute of Family and Entrepreneurial Business at the Lebanese American University. She is also Assistant Dean at the School. She holds a Ph.D from the Sorbonne University and is a fellow member of the Family Firm Institute, USA. She holds the responsibility of the Middle East Coordinator for the Family Firm Institute, USA. She is a Family Wealth and a Family Business Consultant. She is the winner of the 2007 International Award from the Family Firm Institute in the US, in recognition for outstanding achievement in furthering the understanding of family business issues that occur between two or more countries. She participated and organized international conferences, workshops and seminars.  She has presented in major conferences locally and internationally and consulted on management issues in many countries and specially the Middle East:  Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, Bahrain, Oman, France, Cyprus and Lebanon. She currently sits on five boards of directors as a shareholder, two as a Chairman of the board, and one as an independent director in the private sector; she is also involved as an advisor on boards of community service organizations.


She has also been part of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards Jury Panel since the very first edition in 2012.


Josiane took part of "A Step towards Equality", the first conference in Lebanon related to the Gender Gap,  by participating in the Fireside talk “Family Business: A Barrier or An opportunity for women” .


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