Jul . 2019

Who Run the World

By We Initiative in Partnership with Who Run the World - Podcasts 10.July.2019 Who Run the World tags: woman empowerment , gender gap , who run the world

Meet 6 empowering women talk about Gender Equality.



Ayla Ziz, Rebecca Bou Chebel-Macmillan, Randa Bahsoun, Josiane Fahed Sreih, Asmahan Zein and Aline Kamakian took part of "A Step towards Equality", the first conference in Lebanon related to the Gender Gap.



These Podcasts were done by Who Run the World: a series of conversations that explores what it means to be a female leader working and living in the Arab world. Each episode of this podcast focuses on one woman’s story. Our guests share the challenges and victories of their journey, and how they navigate the complexity of the workplace. Whether they realise it or not, each of these women, in her own way, is a role model for young women and girls in the Middle East and beyond. 



This program is run by Marilyn Zakhour & Rhea Chedid.




By WE Initiative