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7 years ago, through the We Initiative, a bank decided to fight by your side... unconditionally.


This year, we decided to go with a bold message: Choose the Bank that chose you.


BLC Bank, through the We initiative, chose women when nobody else dared to. “We” empowered women, encouraged them to take action, and to fulfill their potential.

BLC bank has worked to help all ambitious women in Lebanon who are dreamers and believers.

As a bank, We not only aim to help you financially, We want to empower you, enlighten you, and help you reach places no one thought you could.

We want to be your mentors, advisors, and family, but We also want to help you become independent and plan your own future.

It’s all about the right mind set, the right steps, and the right guidance.

We want to reach all those fierce women who are striving to change the country and build their future... All these women in STEM fields who strive to build and conquer, all these resilient women entrepreneurs who keep growing their business no matter what, all these young girls looking to become independent women...

So join us, let's bridge the gaps, let's reach out to all the hard workers, and let’s shape the future together.


Choose the Bank that chose you.



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Choose the Bank that chose you


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Choose the Bank that chose you


Since the inception of the We Initiative:
icon Hundreds of articles have been written on women and their economic participation in Lebanon
icon Special press/media editions were dedicated to women entrepreneurs
icon Special TV shows created around women’s issues
icon Associations tackling development, mentorship and empowerment have seen the light
icon Government has started considering Women as an untapped market with great potential through the constant mention by official ministries in researches and conferences
icon Exponential increase in number of events and conferences tackling women’s empowerment
icon Universities running special women entrepreneurship curriculums through international grants
icon Influenced a second local bank to start tapping into the women’s market